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Mastodaoine Company Limited by Guarantee

The company, Mastodaoine CLG, is responsible for all duties related to supporting the community, and related requirements.

This includes:

CLG Status

As a CLG, legal liability is limited to the company but it is not suited to sale or profit-taking. This is in line with the volunteers and directors’ wishes that this be a community-oriented project intended to support changes of directorship and membership without compromising on community goals. In this sense it can be considered similar to a football club or scouts group, where the objective is ongoing community building carried out by a large group of volunteers.

The company always needs at least two directors and a secretary.

Current Directors

Neither are paid or have any financial interest in the company. There’s no prospect of selling out, getting acquired, etc, as a CLG has no share capital. It is desired that new directors are added over time. While there’s no option to sell out, the option to tag out is nice to have.

We’re currently using a “secretary as a service” setup to make life slightly easier. This was from the same company we used to set up the CLG.

Charitable Status

Mastodaoine CLG is not a registered charity. However we will be seeking charity status, not least to avoid overpaying tax.

Changes of Directorship and Server Survival

It is intended that changes of directorship will not have an effect on community uptime. Once the company has directors, the server is adequately funded and there is a sufficient admin and moderation team, it will keep going.